A few years ago a new dream knocked for visit on door nr.3 left earside – To paint an old factory in Ronneby, Sweden – Bruket. And wiiiips, two years later the dream moved in. Together with sir.dotsy, Ruskig and a few students from Knut Hahn Skolan we collaborated to paint this dreamy wall. Much love to Kulturcentrum, Ruskig, Beatzzeria for pumpin la musica.



Special edition at Amsterdam Bitterzoet. Shake by!


The other half of brain, sir.dotsy IX and I painted the power tower of eastern Amsterdam. Famous for their moon dust and captivating jewelry we flew to space and back to make sure the renaissance also had began their.


power-tower-02 power-tower-03power-tower-04power-tower-05


Thanks to Volkshotel for the wall(s)!


Tons of Brain love for those who passed by physically and mentally the two past weeks, at PLatypus Art party and TRUST. Much respect!

TRUST has a philosophy that really struck my head, “Come as you are, pay as you feel”. With their sustainable and open arms, I could simply not do a new project at TRUST without learning something from myself.

So I decided to get better at trusting my Brain. About a week before the show, Wednesday. I realised it was trash-day. The day furnitures and wood gets thrown out on the west streets of Amsterdam. I picked up my share and created coffee-machines with no consuming, pure energy only.

Hence who knows how to produce new machines in the future if we already used all earth´s resources? What´s left would be yours and your neighbours energy. From the past to the future.

Find the here: Facebook page

- Shout out to Gregmack´s camera!


The people at creative space The Thinking Hut in Amsterdam, ran out of thoughts as they drank way to much coffee to get that very famous and attractive buzz. So they asked my Brain and his buddy Gregmack to create a thinking machine.




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